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Spring 2008 Soccer Wishlist

  1. Anonymous


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    Youth soccer, while based on a game with a long history, is always evolving and changing. So I was thinking the other day as the Spring season gets ready to start - if there were five things you wish would change, strengthen, improve, etc. about youth soccer for the upcoming season, what would they be? Big or small.

    I think mine would be

    1. Continue to see the elimination of lines in soccer practices/drills. See more coaches get educated, even at the lowest of Recreational levels
    2. More parents volunteering a little bit of time to help their local league
    3. More parents taking a firm stance against boneheads among them on the sidelines and letting them know their behavior is unacceptable to the rest of the parents
    4. Less top down pressure to conform and encouragement of innovation at the local league level with active USYSA involvement to learn from such innovation
    5. More leagues taking a stand against drill sargent coaches

    Yes - mine are probably a bit more from a league administrator point of view. But its a start - how about you?

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