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Punishment for not winning a match

  1. Anonymous


    Posts: 1

    I was just wondering what your thoughts were on a U14 coach that makes his girls run 6 full field sprints for each goal not scored up to 10 goals? Is this a positive or negative thing? Our girls will be running 54 full field sprints for a 1-0 game.

    Posted 7 years ago Permalink
  2. jmingus

    Joined: Nov '07
    Posts: 14

    So they lost 1-0 and the coach is making them run 54 full field sprints. That seems stupid, absurd and abusive.

    From a practical standpoint, I wouldn't want to spend the practice time running. I'd rather have the time to focus on drills. Specifically, if there was a particular reason they gave up a goal, I would design my next training session around that situation.

    Posted 7 years ago Permalink
  3. Anonymous


    Posts: 83

    Sounds like a great way to get kids to quit playing soccer. As a coach I often struggle with the positive vs negative reinforcement. But that's just silly punishing a team because they didn't score 10 goals, an extraordinary feat in itself unless you play all teams much lower than you are.

    If I was a player I'd be furious at having to do insane amounts of sprints - which are often a waste of time anyway. So much better to develop intensive drills with the ball at their feet to build up endurance.

    How this coach thinks this will improve hsi team is beyond me - they may be in excellent cardio shape, but wouldn't it be better working on things liek shooting, passing, and crossing that'll help them achieve that 10 goal goal?

    Posted 7 years ago Permalink
  4. joelmaners

    Joined: May '08
    Posts: 4

    Just ask yourself, does this seem like an exercise to correct deficiencies or improve skills, or is this just a coach lashing out his frustrations on the team to make himself feel better. Who's need is being met here?

    Posted 6 years ago Permalink
  5. nerevfan

    Joined: Aug '11
    Posts: 2

    And this improves the team how?

    Posted 5 years ago Permalink

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