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Play time in U10

  1. Anonymous


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    Our daughter's U10 travel team has 12 players. Five of them play the entire game in the same positions, three play half of the game, and the last four sub for the three. Our daughter plays 7 minutes in each half.

    We've been to every practice and game, their trainer is great, and our daughter has many friends on the team. But how much is she going to improve by sitting on the bench, and how much is her confidence going to suffer? When people ask her what position she plays, she says, "I'm a sub."

    Her team is the A team. Should we move her to the B team? Should we talk to the coach first? Our most important goal is to send her on her way to a life-long love of athletics.

    Thanks for any advice or experience you may have.

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  2. Anonymous


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    Still the original poster:

    I thought maybe I should add that this is our oldest child, thus the first time we've gotten to this level. Our daughter has always loved soccer. She's well-behaved and she responds well to criticism. She was so proud when she made this team, but we had no idea that at age nine, the kids would be divided into players and subs.

    I looked up our soccer club's guidelines, and they suggest that each player play 40% of the game. However, play time is at the discretion of the coach.

    Is it common for a U10 team to have four players who are only played the absolute minimum? Why have twelve players on the team, then? Does it make any sense to approach the coach? I don't want to be seen as complainers, and I'm sure we can't change his philosophy, so maybe the best thing is to just tell him we're switching her.

    We will lose money for switching, and probably will have to pay for the new team, too, but our daughter will be playing soccer. Also, the coach only subs the offense--the defensive players are the ones who play the whole game, so if we switch, our daughter will presumably get to play some defense, too.

    Any replies would be appreciated . . . our whole family puts so much into soccer, and it's hard when your child isn't thriving.

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  3. Anonymous


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    We play for a pretty competitive club in SoCal, one of our teams is going to nationals. At age U12 and below, soccer playing time (50% of each game) is guaranteed. I believe you either need to get your daughter a private trainer so she can get more playing time, or get a better club. Your club seems way too focused on winning when they should instead be focused on your daughter's development as a player. You have 8 more years to worry about winning before college admissions - right now your club should be focusing on development.

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