What Should We Bring To Our First Soccer Tournament?

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Soccer tournaments can be a lot of fun, but you often will be far from home in an unfamiliar place. So being prepared is a must for parents AND coaches. What you bring may depend on where you are and the time of year, but here is a good starting point:

  • Sunscreen - even in February!
  • A cooler with ice to store drinks and lunches if you pack them
  • An extra pair of cleats if you have them. Very useful if a cleat breaks off or they get soaked/lost. Don't buy an extra pair - but you may have a beat up pair that still fits your child. It can be helpful to have them.
  • Extra soccer socks. Even if it doesn't rain - they get nasty in a hurry.
  • A change of dry clothes for everybody in case it rains
  • If you have a portable canopy, that can be great for rainy days (team bench) or sunny days (place for team to gather between matches)
  • Portable team bench if you have one. Not all fields will have a team bench
  • The phone number for the tournament weather line
  • Moleskin - play 3-4 matches in a weekend and blisters will happen
  • A blanket for early morning games where it may get very cold on the bench
  • Team Managers - bring an extra uniform set if you have one just in case someone forgets or loses theirs
  • Extra hair ties and sleevies for girls teams - very handy, especially when it's hot out

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  1. As a manager, I bring a complete extra uniform in case one of the kids forgets to bring a home/away jersey. It’s saved me a few frantic last minute drives. I also bring extra hair ties for the girls. They always seem to need one.

  2. We just got back from our first tournament and believe it or not it snowed. The wet rainy kind. I would suggest cold weather gear if you are in an area that can get cold as well as ponchos for the parents. Also plastic grocery bags for the muddy cleats and such.