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What is Shin Guard Rash?
Most leagues require older players, especially on competitive travel teams, to wear their shin guards directly on the leg, with the soccer sock pulled over it. As they play, their legs sweat, making a moist and warm environment for bacteria or fungi to florish. This can result in a variety of rashes if the shin guards aren't washed frequently (or sometimes even if they are). These rashes can be extremely uncomfortable. Players with sensitive skin may also have reactions to the materials used in the shin guards, or the detergent used to wash them. Shin guards should be washed frequently (after each use or at least once a week). Players who often play on successive days (matches or practices) should consider getting two pairs of guards to allow for sufficient washing.

Due to the number of things that can cause a shin guard rash, you will often find a wide variety of suggested remedies. If a rash persists, you should consult a dermatologist who can diagnose the cause and suggest an appropriate treatment.

Here is a list of suggested remedies and preventative measures for shin guard rash