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This varies by state and local association. Many state soccer associations are now requiring full criminal background checks on all youth soccer coaches and team managers. North Carolina, for instance, requires all league officials, referees, coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers to be checked, regardless of the level they coach at. Other states may only require checks for coaches of competitive level teams where coaches are more likely to be alone with players (though most experienced coaches will avoid any situation where they may be alone with a player) However, just because a check is run, it is up to the state or local association as to what types of offenses will cause a coach to be rejected. For example, some states may not flag DUI convictions while others will. Misdemeanor assault convictions may not prohibit a coach from coaching, but if the victim was their spouse or a minor, it may.

Local associations also may do more than background checks, including orientation sessions, coaching evaluations, and more.