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Soccer is a sport that requires very little equipment. Your child will need cleats, shin guards, a soccer ball, and a water bottle. A mouth guard is a good idea at older age levels, but few players actually wear them. Shin guards which have an ankle guard (pads on the ankle bone) and a strap that goes under the foot are ideal. Kids kick at the ball like crazy, and the ankles can get kicked a lot. Be sure to get guards that are long enough (within a couple inches of the bottom of the knee). The size of the soccer ball depends on your child's age. Uniforms are handled differently by league. Some teams get sponsors to pay for them, other leagues have parents purchase them from an approved vendor. Check with your league and/or coach. If your child enjoys playing keeper (goalie), a moderately priced (~$30) pair of keeper gloves will be very useful. Keeper glove sizes are measured around the hand, just behind the knuckle (loop all the way around). When they are on, the player's finger tips should be about 1" below the glove finger tips. Don't go crazy in terms of what you spend on gloves - they wear out quickly.