What type of equipment do I need to coach?

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At the bare minimum, you need some disc cones (20 or 30 is ideal) and some pinnies. Players can bring their own soccer ball. However, most coaches will accumulate additional equipment over time that can come in very handy.

  • A coach's first aid kit
  • A dry erase clipboard with a soccer field stenciled on it. Handy for keeping papers together and drawing out things you may try to explain
  • A stopwatch - handy for keeping track of time during matches
  • A small ball pump
  • A colorful keeper jersey and gloves
  • A Sharpie permanent marker
  • For older players - training aids like an agility ladder, hurdles, ball hoops, poles, etc.
  • A boom box - kids love to practice to music

You'll notice one item that's not on the list - a whistle. Most experienced coaches won't use a whistle and instead teach the players to listen to what they say.

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