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In the United States, soccer is overseen by a single organization at the national level - the US Soccer Federation (USSF). This group was given a sports monopoly by Congress to allow for management of the national soccer teams for International and Olympic play. There are numerous national youth soccer associations under the USSF:

  • US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) - This association has state level groups beneath it that sanction league and tournament play at levels from recreation up through regional and national competitions.
  • US Club Soccer - A peer of the USYSA that sanctions league and tournament play, with teams eligible to compete for national championships.
  • American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) - The AYSO was formed in Los Angeles in 1964 and is a major grass-roots youth soccer association, focused primarily on recreational play and balanced teams.
  • Soccer Association for Youth (SAY) - The SAY is another grass roots organization the aims to form youth teams that focus on fun and development