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Entries for April, 2013

A Look At Pickup Soccer in America

Pickup soccer is often credited with helping many of the world’s best players refine their skills. But in the United States, pickup soccer is seen as a rarity. This article takes an in depth look and finds that may not be the case.

Stolen Player Passes End State Cup Dreams

Tweet @soccer_nation: Youth Soccer News: PLAYER CARDS STOLEN – Theft of Equipment Bag Ends SDSC B97 Elite Navy State Cup Dreams – what… http://t.co/S3mSthIBEU I simply cannot believe they tossed these kids out. Club registrars are agents of the state association. How could they not certify the roster was legit if they had done the […]

Developing Young Players Without Positions (or Wins)

U8 and U10 players often develop bad habits that will hold them back as they get older. Allowing U8/U10 players more freedom can help foster a more creative style of play, but can also cost you some wins. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

When Players Finally ‘Get’ 1v1

Not only has the warm weather returned, it was exciting to se my U8s finally learn to strip the ball 1v1 or when they gained possession on the run, confidently turn upfield with it…

Ten Questions For Soccer Parents

When you coach for player development instead of wins, it can be difficult to keep parents on board. This recent list of questions can help your parents look for development, even if your teams aren’t winning all the time.

Ball Hogs Need Not Apply!

Is the USSF Academy program pushing out some of our best players who could be the next Lionel Messi?