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She Said WHAT???

Tweet My U7 Girls team had a pretty good season. Their first match was probably one of the most exciting and fun U7 matches I’ve ever coached. Pullbacks, crosses, possession, passing, feint moves, passing back to the defender, dribbling AWAY from the swarm, staying spread out. You name it – they were doing it. I […]

Toxic Metals In Soccer Uniforms

Are there toxic chemicals in the soccer apparel our children are wearing all year? A worrisome report recently came out from the European Consumers’ Organization (BEUC) that found ‘worrying’ levels of chemicals in Euro 2012 replica team jerseys. High levels of lead, organotin compounds, nickel, and nonylphenol were found, in some cases so high the BEUC recommended the shirts be banned.

Keep Her In The Game

I’ve never understood how in a country where the women’s national soccer team far outshines the men’s, we consistently see a ratio of 60/40 boys to girls in youth soccer participation. Sports don’t have to be all encompassing, but they can be an important part of every child’s life in terms of their overall growth. Nice to see our national athletes getting involved to keep girls in the game.

Extra Officials or Technology?

The Euro 2012 tournament is utilizing goal line officials to provide extra eyes on the ball crossing the line and possibly better angles for fouls in the penalty area. This seems to be a much better solution than goal line technology, especially if they are allowed to call in fouls from the area.