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Entries for March, 2012

Of Sugar, Spice, Soccer … and Mud

Depending on the area, School Soccer and Travel Soccer can be quite different. It can often cause some culture shock when players from Rec and Travel background some together to play in school. Here’s a funny exchange that kind of highlights that…

Keeping That Warrior Spirit

In some areas, the difference between club and school soccer can be quite a shock for many players and coaches. After watching a number of skilled players struggle to adjust to easier/safer styles of play, I wrote this for many of my current and former players.

A Little Coaching Encouragement Goes A Long Way

We talk a lot about player development (often how broken it is), but we never seem to step beyond that to the obvious foundation to improve it: coaching development. There’s this almost universal assumption that elite coaches are always elite players who move into coaching and are ‘good’ because they know the game and have been coached for years. But they aren’t usually coaching U5-U8 soccer, when kids are learning the critical basic techniques and developing a love for the game. Why don’t we talk about the development of those coaches more beyond ‘Hey take this Youth I Coaching Class’?