We’ve all seen the ‘magic spray’ soccer trainers use to heal injured soccer players – everyone wonders what it is and given how it often causes a miraculous recovery, it must be magic.

While researching something else in the USSF Advice To Referees and IFAB Memorandums, I came across this section in the USSF 2011-2012 Laws of the Game Memorandum:

5. Vanishing spray

The IFAB approved the use of vanishing spray by CONMEBOL in a trial basis.

USSF Advice to Referees: Except where specifically approved by USSF, the use of vanishing spray is not permitted.

Say what???? Vanishing Spray? You can imagine all the possible scenarios one could come up with for that. I thought it was a joke or a really bad typo. Maybe what we all called Magic Spray , the IAFB called ‘Vanishing Spray’ since it made injuries ‘vanish’.

A little research revealed that it’s real. Apparently in CONMEBOL, they’re experimenting with vanishing spray paint to ensure players stay 10 yds away during free kicks. Who knew???

Hector Rio/European Pressphoto Agency

Also – if you ever are looking for referee documentation, the GLASA soccer league has an amazing collection of referee information.