Back To Normal?

My apologies for the site being so unstable and often unavailable. After we got hit by a malware attack, I tried out some additional security plugins to help monitor the site for suspicious behavior. Ironically, one of those plugins caused excessive database load and it spiraled downhill from there with the site often down due to corrupted database tables. Took a while to finally narrow it down, but I believe I’ve been able to fix all the corruption and get rid of the plugins causing problems. So OTP should be MUCH more stable and perhaps now I can post more.

How are your Fall seasons going?

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  1. Hey,

    Fall is busy. U11 girls came back from 0-2 at the half to scrape a 3-2 win in the last 30 seconds …. Some good coaching there! (ROFLMAO) Then went directly to our Cup game and won 3-1 advancing to the next round.

    Seriously though, not sure I can keep the group together much longer. I already have three players on their middle school team, and next year the bulk of my players will be in middle school. Plus, premier is tugging on my stronger players ….

    My goal is to keep the bunch together until U14, but so much of that is out of my control.

    As for my U11 boys (I assist), they won their cup game, too, and are also undefeated in league play. There’s a lot of talent on that team, though. Unfortunately, it seems that team might be done at the end of this fall — the head coach is leaving to coach premier full time and is taking a lot of the team with him, effectively stripping the classic club program. Not great for the club.

    So this fall? Very much a mixed bag.



  2. Fall is interesting. I’m co-coaching a mostly U17 team (we put all high school teams in one bracket) and a U14 team. The U17s are playing OK but get killed on a couple of bonehead plays. The U14s are playing great in a mixed U13-14 bracket.

    I’m also the assistant coach of a U7 team that my daughter(U17) is the head coach for. She sprained her ankle playing 2 weeks ago, so I’ve been taking a more active role on that team.