US Youth Soccer, US Club, USSF, and MLS seem to have finally gotten people who ‘get’ social media. I’ve enjoyed seeing the various updates coming in from them on Facebook and Twitter. USYSA and US Club have done a great job posting highlights from the recent regional and national tournaments. Events that have always taken place in obscurity are suddenly getting a MUCH wider audience. I think as more kids start to follow these groups and see what some of the best youth players in the country are doing, it will have a positive effect. So if your kids are already on Facebook, Twitter, and the like – suggest they follow these groups.

Keeping a steady stream of content is NOT easy or cheap – so hats off to all for taking the time and resources to put this content together.

I plan to write MUCH more about this topic in the coming months as I believe it can really help local leagues connect with their members beyond a website and email list.

For now – a good start!