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Entries for August, 2010

The Youth Soccer Guide – Updates?

It’s time to take a look at the Youth Soccer Guide here at OTP and identify new topics or areas that should be covered. Have any ideas?

Coaching Epiphanies

Tweet Looking back as a youth soccer coach – what was your biggest epiphany? That ‘Aha!’ moment or a long term realization of ‘Wow I wish I had been doing that sooner!’. What was it that made you a better coach? Mine was moving from direct instruction to asking the players for solutions. The whole […]

You have NO Idea

Tweet Browsing through the site stats the other day and I noticed this phrase was searched for a few times: Coaching U12 Girls Soccer HAHAHAHA You’ve got no idea what you are in for! Don’t get me wrong – I’ve enjoyed coaching my girls travel team EVERY year, but if you’re searching for that, you […]

Dealing With Municipal Budget Cuts

As the tough economic times continue, many municipalities are making drastic cuts in services. Often recreation departments get hit hard and that can have a huge impact on a soccer program. Here are some ideas on what you can do to ease the pain of municipal budget cuts.

Is There A Referee Shortage?

You often hear about a referee shortage in the US, partly due to people not wanting to endure matches with misbehaving parents. But is there really a shortage?

Youth Soccer and Social Media

National soccer organizations have finally started to leverage social networking to give themselves, the sport, and regional/national events more exposure.

Youth Soccer in a Bad Economy

Tweet Back in December of 2008 I started a series called Youth Soccer and the Economy. Then I got so busy I never got a chance to finish it. How crazy is it that 20 months later the economy is STILL bad and the series is still relevant. Guess I’ll need to work on the […]