Joy Of The People

There are a lot of people writing about youth soccer on blogs these days – which is a great thing. It wasn’t long ago that OTP was pretty unique in the ‘soccersphere’ concentrating on youth soccer. Most youth soccer blogs are written about how to be a better coach, though often that means a better coach just like the blog’s author. I certainly suffer from that fault from time to time. Ironically when you look at what they’re advocating, it’s rarely the same across different blogs. So when I’m browsing through new youth soccer blogs, I like to look for the unexpected or refreshing ones.

Joy Of The People is just such a blog, which I stumbled across this summer. There are only a handful of posts, and it looks like Ted hasn’t updated it in a while, but it’s still worth reading what is there. I he finds the time to write some more – he put up some neat stuff.

Speaking of which – I wish Old Soccer Guy would share more of his insights!

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  1. Nice of you to share other peoples blogs. Where do you typically search for these types of blogs? I am looking to get into a little blogging and I am looking around to see what people are writing about.

  2. I have a couple Twitter streams keyed off ‘soccer’ and ‘youth soccer’ (the former can be a bit like drinking from a fire hose, but TweeDeck makes it manageable) Other times I browse around, use Google, StumbleUpon, stuff like that.