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Entries for November, 2009

Another Coaches Gift Idea

Here is a neat idea for a coaches gift to preserve memories from the previous season

How Children Acquire Skill

One of the fundamental teaching points of the USSF National Youth License is ‘age appropriate activities’ – ensuring players are taught in a way they can comprehend. This varies based on their age. Dr Ron Quinn’s research serves as part of the foundation of current USYSA thinking about youth soccer player development.

Sports Drinks And Hydration

The debate over what hydrates the body better – water or Gatorade – likely will never be settled. But when you look at the consumption habits of children in sports, they consume MUCH more of one than the other, helping them stay hydrated.

OTP Debate: The USYSA Vision

Earlier this Spring, the US Youth Soccer Association published a vision for Youth Soccer in America. Much of what is laid out in this document if forming the basis for changes being advocated nationally. So let’s read the vision and debate it a bit!

Joy Of The People

Part of the fun of being a youth soccer blogger is finding other sites from other youth soccer coaches and parents.

Thinking I Need To Learn The Word No

This past season was definitely one of the busiest ever for me, because I couldn’t learn to say no. Was worth every second.

Competitive Cauldron Details

Anson Dorrance’s storied UNC Women’s Soccer program is built around the ‘Competitive Cauldron’, something SoccerDad hopes to adapt for his youth soccer players.