Sorry for disappearing! The end of the season is always crazy hectic. I’ve been dealing with a ton of makeups due to all the rain, end of season tournaments (Going to Wilmington NC this weekend – fun!), helping organize tryouts, setting up registration for the Fall, and more. Hope to get back onto the blog and Twitter in a week or two. I’m sure I’ve missed lots!

Anyway – my son had two U12 matches this weekend, and during the first the referee was letting a lot of contact go, even with arms being raised up. It wasn’t one sided, but some parents were still getting annoyed and making comments to call some of the pushing. So during a lull in the cheering from the parent sideline we all suddenly hear clear as day:

Come On Ref! They Don’t Bump That Hard In NASCAR!

Now that was funny. Even the referee grinned and it eased some of the tension. Just figured I’d share.

Hope you all are enjoying the nicer weather and your soccer seasons! Ours is almost over here :(