Many people don’t realize how insane the crowd noise can be at some soccer venues. We Americans like to think that our football games with 80-90,000 fans are loud, but there is loud and there is LOUD. ESPN cranks the crowd noise down SO much because they want you to hear the commentary, that you really miss the effect. I remember watching the USMNT v. El Salvador match and thinking the crowd noise seemed tamer than I expected. Then I watched this highlight film from US Soccer (H/T Jared at JMSoccer). Insane – from the roar of the crowd to the ear splitting siren wailing whenever El Salvador was attacking late in the match:

You can’t help but get chills when El Salvador scores that first goal. Intense. There is no doubt that’s a 12th man for El Salvador, though I thought the US played so-so much of the match and only woke up in the last 15 minutes. Also – I cannot believe this highlight video left out Ching’s bicycle kick shot in stoppage time that would have won the match.

Oh, and that crowd? Only 30,350 people. Insane.