We all have seen or heard of parents wanting to dictate how a coach develops their child as a soccer player, but it’s still interesting to see the justifications some parents will make for the interference.

There’s a great thread over at the NC-Soccer forums about an email a local DOC received from a U10 parent:

XXXXX I trust and respect you. I want my child trained to be a striker.

I’m paying $XXX a year. I want a striker. He can use left or right and he has the size and speed.

You coached him in one game into scoring 7 goals. He played on weak rec teams and felt it was his fault if they were scored on and lost so he dropped back on defense. He has scored over 27 goals in the first half of the year, but the last half of the season they have put him on defense or in the goal. I’m paying to develop a striker….

XXXXXX will you please take care of this matter

This is a 9 year old. Some of the responses on the thread are priceless, from the serious and pragmatic, to the comical. My favorite, by far, is this one from FJames:

Our philosophy is to expose all of our players to numerous positions at this early stage in their development. We understand that you would like little Johnny developed solely as a striker and as a paying customer we will honor your wishes. From this point forward Johnny will be limited to the striker role. The playing time he would have had at the other positions will be divided among the other players on the team.

So if you were this DOC, how would you respond?