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  1. Jenn
    March 13, 2009

    Not right after practice – that’s a definite invitation to Pukie. My kids love it, but I make them cut it with white milk before they drink it.

  2. Soccer Dad
    March 13, 2009

    No doubt. I love chocolate milk, but I have to cut it to drink it or it makes me gag.

  3. Coach Tim
    March 13, 2009

    Plus, it doesn’t taste very good warm!

  4. Gerry Scheetz
    March 31, 2009

    If I was dehydrated from hot weather or an intense workout, I would probably lean toward water rather than chocolate milk.

    On another note, the initially study reported a specific ratio of carbohydrates to protein. When I initially went to the store, most chocolate milk had too much sugar/carbohydrates. I just did some more searching but cutting with white milk is a good idea.

  5. Amy Vodraska
    September 19, 2012

    Have you considered using skim milk and mixing with chocolate syrup or a powder such as Nesquick rather than purchasing premade chocolate milk. My daughter brings hers to practice in the water bottle she has that has the frozen core in the middle. Or she drinks a glass when she gets home. No “pukies.”

    Choc milk has the ideal 3 to 1 ratio of carbohydrate grams to protein grams, which enhances glycogen replenishment.
    It also contains whey protein, which is digested and absorbed quickly, getting essential amino acids into the blood streammore quickly than other recovery beverages. (Whey protein is often used in recvery drinks as it assists in building and repairing muscle. Chocolate milk also contains casein, a protein which is digested and absorbed more slowly than whey and which sustains amino acids in the circulation many hours post- consumption. Choc milk also has way more potassium, less sodium, calcium and vitamin D than most recovery drinks. My daughter’s cramping issues abated once she started her post-practice chocolate milk habit.

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