Saw this fly across Twitter the other day and it caught my eye.

Chocolate milk is being positioned by some as the perfect ‘exercise recovery drink’ after exercise:

Did you know that chocolate milk has:

  • Four times the natural electrolytes of sports drinks
  • High in Protein and Carbohydrates
  • Helps you build stronger bones
  • Nine essential nutrients

Coaches and sports teams all over are using chocolate milk as a recovery aid after a long workout or game and are finding huge success. It is best to drink 16 oz of chocolate milk in the 30 minute window following exercise.

Now, I’m all for drinking lots of milk – I drink plenty myself. But the thought of drinking 16 oz of chocolate milk after an intense practice makes me want to hurl, especially because many brands are so thick. Sure, if your kids want to drink some milk after practice, awesome. But I’m not sure I’d suggest it to older kids right after practice. Thoughts?

H/T @SoccerSkills