Political Style Fundraising for Youth Soccer

Happened across this on Twitter, and have to say I was surprised. The Jackson Hole Youth Soccer Association is holding a $75/plate fundraiser with live music, food, auction, etc.

The First Annual Jackson Hole Youth Soccer Fundraiser ‘The Soccer Ball’ will be held at the Q Roadhouse on March 21 to benefit the youth soccer program. The evening will include live music, live auction, great food and drink.

Tickets are $75.00 sold at Merry Piglets, Sidewinders, Betty Rock Café and the Q Roadhouse.

You have to wonder if they’d get enough of a turnout in this economic climate. Would love to know what they end up netting from something like that and how many people attend. Would you pay that to attend an event like that?

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  1. Sent to me on Twitter in response to this – just WOW.

    From kidsakeeper:

    @soccerdad we do this for our team, never mind the club…last year we profited a little over $2400.00

    @soccerdad the trick is 2 find a banquet hall that is willing 2 have a dinner and dance for $25/head, then charge $50,each kid sells 10 tiks


  2. We had something similar, but it was 25 per person with an auction for big ticket donated items, raffle and silent auction for baskets each team was responsible for creating. Each family (or player) had to sell 6 tickets- as well as donate something for their team basket.

    I have yet to hear how much money was raised, but other than a few corporate sponsors-it was just the parents of all the kids.

  3. That’s one thing we’ve found with team fundraisers, is that a lot of the money raised comes from the immediate or extended families of the players. Pros and cons to that. trick is finding a fundraiser that won’t take immense amounts of time from your players that will reach beyond the extended ‘team’