Heads Up - Concussion In High School SportsWe’ve talked about concussions in young athletes before, but whenever I find good articles about the subject, I try to share them. Derek Poore over at the Louisville Courier-Journal has a good article up with some useful info as well as some information from younger athletes who have experienced concussions, sometimes without even realizing it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate 3.8 million concussions occur in sports and recreation activities each year across the nation. But many go unreported because athletes, parents and coaches are unaware of the symptoms, physicians said.

Concussions can result in permanent injury or even death, but fewer than 50 percent of student athletes understand the dangers, according to a recent study described in the journal “Pediatrics by doctors at Children’s Hospital Boston in Massachusetts.”

A concussion occurs when a bump or blow to the head changes the way the brain normally functions, the CDC says.

“Coaches, parents and athletes don’t recognize a concussion,” said Dr. Jessica Stumbo, a physician at the University of Louisville and Jewish Hospital Sports Medicine.

She said symptoms may include headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and visual changes.

If your child is involved in youth sports, you should check in on Derek’s blog from time to time and follow him on Twitter. He finds some really interesting stuff in addition to his local sports coverage.