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Entries for January, 2009

You Know It’s Too Cold For Practice

Tweet You know it’s too cold for soccer practice when you put cones out for an activity and when you pick them up 30 minutes later they’re covered in frost

US Club Soccer Adds An Academy

US Club Soccer has announced a new U14 ‘Pre-Academy’ league modeled after the U16/U18 USSF Player Development Academies. Will the USSF still launch their own U14 Academy or will they rely on US Club to do it for them?

Concussions and Risk of Youth Sports

A recent post over at The Juggle blog about youth concussions spurred an interesting debate among readers. As coaches and parents, we have to be informed about concussions and what to watch for. The CDC has lots of information that can help.

Online Soccer Worlds for Kids

As youth soccer continues to expand in popularity, online youth soccer websites and social networks are popping up for kids who are passionate about the beautiful game.

Some History of Soccer Jersey Numbers

Have you ever wondered if there was any significance to soccer jersey numbers? Thanks to this in depth history over at 3rd Degree, now you’ll know!

Some Soccer New Year’s Resolutions

It wouldn’t be New Year’s Day without some resolutions, so SoccerDad joins in with some soccer related resolutions of his own.