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Entries for November, 2008

Sacking Soccer Coaches

High school football has always enjoyed a huge following and community support. However, as some soccer programs have achieved success under the guidance of determined coaches, the two programs and supporters often collide and conflict. Can they both just get along?

Genetic Testing for Athletic Kids

Based on recent evidence that a single gene might indicate some future athletic ability, a company is offering parents easy genetic test kits for their kids so parents can supposedly know what types of sports a child will be good at. However, a closer look makes it clear this is more about profit than helping parents steer their children into appropriate sports.

So About That ‘D’ Class

Soccer Dad recently took the USSF D License soccer coaching class and shares his thoughts and experiences.

School Yard Soccer

Kids in the US may not play pickup soccer in parks or streets due to safety concerns of the parents, but they certainly can, and do, play at school.

USSF Academy Impacts on High School Soccer

Is there really that much tension between high school coaches and the new USSF Development Academy?

What SoccerDad Did Last Weekend

If you’re wondering where SoccerDad has been the past few weeks and why it’s been so quiet here at On The Pitch, here’s an update on what his travel team has been doing.

Blue Pitches for City Youth

Chelsea Football Club has launched a program in partnership with Adidas to built blue soccer pitches in urban areas to promote participation in youth sports by area children.

Looking To The Off Season

Sorry for the light posting, but we had a jam packed October schedule and have been busy this month preparing for a few tournaments. The off season will see a lot more posting, so use this as an open thread to discuss your own seasons!

Tales From The Lunachick Fringe V

We played our last fall season match against a tough division opponent that was undefeated, hoping to reverse a recent slide and come away with a win. Well, didn’t work out that way by any stretch, but there were a couple funny moments I figured I’d share.