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Entries for October, 2008

How Bizarre…

Tweet It’s not even November yet here in North Carolina, where the average high temparature this time of year is 68F. Looking out my window (on a day my team practices), it’s 45F and big ice pellets are falling out of the sky. Yesterday my team played a match in sunny weather with temps in […]

No Professional Team Names For Kids

Major League Baseball is telling little league teams they can’t even use names like Tigers or Rays on their uniforms without paying for official licensed MLB uniforms. Apparently the $3.3 Billion of revenue on MLB licensed merchandise isn’t enough.

A Local TopSoccer Program

A local soccer league recently started up a TopSoccer program for special needs children that has been very successful and was recently featured in a TV News story. If you’ve ever thought about starting a program like this, here’s a peek at what one is like and the impact it has.

Cooper Thieves Hitting Soccer Field Lighting

Copper thefts have been going on for some time as the cost of copper has skyrocketed. Thieves are unfortunately turning their attention to athletic fields, with a number of soccer associations left in the dark after thieves ripped the wiring out of their field lights.

A Youth Soccer Reference Guide

Over the years there have been a number of in depth articles published here, but being a blog, they can often be hard to find unless you’re using Google. So I’ve pulled together a collection of the more informative articles published here and created a Youth Soccer Reference Guide. There are sections for Coaches, Team Managers, and Parents.

Soccer Patches The Sequel

If you’ve ever wondered how you could motivate your players to try harder or use soccer moves in a match, consider awarding soccer patches. In our third year of awarding patches, we’ve come up with a wide variety of criteria, encouraging players to work on many aspects of their game.

Fundraising – Wash Some Cars!

If you need to raise funds for your soccer team, consider a car wash. Here is one team’s experience and what they learned for next time.

Thoughts on U11/U12 8v8 Formations

When teams move from 6v6 to 8v8, they often move from a ‘two line’ formation to a ‘three line’ formation. What works best for a team often depends on the specific players available to us a given formation. Here are some thoughts on 8v8 and using 2 defenders instead of three. Is it worth it?

Soccer Moms Packing Heat

A soccer mom who wore a firearm openly at her daughter’s U6 soccer match is fighting to keep her concealed weapon permit. Have you ever contemplated that parents at your child’s soccer match might be carrying a loaded weapon?

Tales From The Lunachick Fringe IV

Sometimes the excitement at a youth soccer match happens afterward!

Choosing A Team Snack

Seven tips from the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association on choosing a post match snack for your team.

When Was The Last Time You Just Talked?

Most soccer coaches work to squeeze every last minute out of practice with a ball at their player’s feet. You can never have enough ball touches. But have you ever sat your team down and talked beyond a pre/post match chat? You might be surprised what you discover and how it affects the team.

Creating An Awesome Experience

Many youth soccer coaches are doing more than coaching a team, they’re providing an ‘experience’ for their players.

A Survey of Parent Experiences in Youth Sport

The Center for Sport Policy and Research at Middle Tennessee State University is investigating the experiences of parents in youth sports and is looking for youth sport parents to complete a survey to assist in their research.

Chicks on Moons

Many teams require their players to wear matching ‘practice attire’. Is it worth doing, and if so, can it help team spirit? I gave it a shot with my team to find out.