A Summer of Soccer In Pictures

Since I’m slack and haven’t been posting these as I’ve taken them, here’s a few funny soccer photos I took this summer…


Somehow I think use as a soccer goal was NOT covered in the rental agreement. But it made for an amusing summer camp demonstration for our camp counselors while the kids took a much needed break. And, yes, he made it in. On the third try.


When my daughter’s U10 travel team goes to a tournament, we GO. And all this for only nine players! Imagine how much fun it was to pack everything up!


Trust me when I say anyone walking along this sidewalk was NOT smelling the trash can there in the background. Sugar and spice and everything blah blah blah. Those girls can STINK! It’s made worse when you play at 8AM on a dew covered field – everyone was soaked.


I knew I bought a big truck for a reason. Here are all the match balls for our Recreation teams (they each get one). I think we had 90 balls or so in there.

Yes, that’s it. I’m terrible about forgetting my camera and my cellphone is usually dead or dying and won’t take pictures. I may be able to dig up some more.


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