Someone mentioned this website to me a while back and it just struck me wrong. The site is Rate My Coaches, based on the idea of Rate My Teachers, yet with a much more primitive interface. You can provide numeric and verbal feedback about coaches at high schools and colleges across the US.

But the interface isn’t the problem. The whole idea behind mostly anonymous ratings of coaches seems useless. What does something like this accomplish? It’s generally accepted that people don’t speak out until they are unhappy – so ratings services are biased from the start. How could you put any credence into ratings like this, knowing anyone with an ax to grind could submit multiple negative comments, or just the opposite. The site talks about how they want comments kept clean and objective, but take one look at the posts on their blog and it’s clear they expect most to be negative. It’s just a weird vibe that I get.

If you want to submit feedback on coaches, send it to the people who oversee them – be it your local league/club, the school AD, or similar supervisor. Many organizations have feedback forms and such – so take advantage of them. Sure – there may be no action based on your feedback, but if enough feedback comes in it may spur action.

Sure – this means potential students can’t see the feedback, but unless the information can be independently verified, it seems like it is of little use to students and teachers researching programs. About the only people it benefits are alumni who want to vent.