Another National Youth Soccer Association

Parents and coaches often get tunnel vision with youth soccer based on the national association their kids register with. You just don’t realize there are other national soccer associations out there. As far as I knew, there were four national youth soccer associations under the USSF/US Soccer umbrella: USYSA, AYSO, SAY, and US Club. But this weekend by accident, I discovered there was a fifth: The United States Specialty Sports Association – Soccer. Originally a slow pitch softball association, they have gradually expanded into additional sports, including soccer. They became a USSF affiliate in 2001 and register both adult and youth soccer players.


Various affiliates are known for a certain ‘style’. USYSA is very organized and structured. AYSO and SAY are more grassroots oriented and focus on recreational soccer. US Club is often seen as an ‘alternative’ to the USYSA with its own set of competitive tournaments and programs. Where does the USSSA fit in? Are any of you in USSSA affiliated leagues? What sets them apart?

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