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Entries for July, 2008

Funny Soccer Tweets

Tweet I’ve been using social networking sites more and more, and finding some rather funny stuff. I use a great Twitter client called TweetDeck, which allows you to search the public timeline for certain keywords so you can monitor tweets with certain words. Very cool. Well, I had to share a rather funny tweet that […]

What Would You Tell A New Rec Coach?

Tweet As the Fall soccer season approaches here in the US, there are thousands of parents who said Yes somewhere along the line and are faced with coaching a U6 or U8 team, having never coached soccer before. I’m working on a post that is a sort of ‘Welcome to Coaching’ resource, but I’m only […]

Off To Try And Get My ‘D’ License

Tweet After having the class canceled on me three times in the past year, I’m finally off to try and get my soccer coaching ‘D’ license this weekend (and next). Packing a 36 hour class into a weekend is quite a feat! Should be interesting to see what types of coaches are there. I did […]

24 Levels Of Football

Tweet I knew England had a number of soccer leagues in a hierarchical structure where teams could be promoted and relegated between them. But I never knew it was made up of 24 levels, 140 leagues, 480 divisions, and over 7000 clubs. If England can manage to promote and relegate teams within 24 levels, why […]

Setting Up Some Unexpected Motivation

As the fall season approaches, I’ve been talking with my assistant coaches about what events we should think about taking our team to this year. They say the best learning environment is playing in matches, so we try to provide additional playing opportunities for our team while also providing them with a fun weekend where they can gel and bond as a group.

Lightning And Trees Don’t Mix!

Tweet 10 people were struck by lightning at a soccer match yesterday. Thankfully it looks like everyone will be OK, though some injuries were serious. The spectators unfortunately took shelter under a tree when the storm came through. I’ve had trees on my property take direct hits by lightning and they’ve had the bark plus […]

Another National Youth Soccer Association

Tweet Parents and coaches often get tunnel vision with youth soccer based on the national association their kids register with. You just don’t realize there are other national soccer associations out there. As far as I knew, there were four national youth soccer associations under the USSF/US Soccer umbrella: USYSA, AYSO, SAY, and US Club. […]

Retailers Pulling Bottles With Bisphenol-A

Tweet Late last year, we posted some information about popular water bottles for young athletes and a potentially dangerous chemical in them called bisphenol-A (BPA). The FDA did not feel the evidence warranted banning the substance in baby and water bottles, but many consumer advocates did. After intense lobbying, it looks like the advocates are […]

Running Out of Gas

Tweet The next time you have a player who seems to lack endurance and doesn’t improve with the rest of the team as the season progresses – ask about their eating habits. While it may not be as extreme as the example cited in the article, you’re sure to have a few junk food junkies. […]

Guerrilla Soccer Shots

Tweet OK, while I wouldn’t advocate shooting a soccer ball into an open police van, some of the shots this guy makes are pretty impressive, even if a couple might be fake – others sure look legit. And it is pretty funny watching the bewildered police chase him down the street. Cleary Nike has a […]

FA: No Competitive Leagues for U8’s

Tweet In an ironic twist, the UK’s national football association has just banned competitive leagues for U8 players, something US Soccer has been pushing for a while. Scores and standings cannot be kept or published. Over at Two Footed Tackle, they cheer the decision: The benefits of scrapping competitive football for under-8s are plentiful, as […]

About That Team Name…

Tweet Someone mentioned that the name of their girls soccer team was ‘The Pussycats’. Almost by reflex I was going to ask if he had a player named Josie, but figured I’d date myself badly.

Soccer Coach Arrested In Sex Sting

Tweet A soccer coach in Kentucky was recently arrested in a sting setup by police: Louisville Metro Police arrested a 25-year-old Louisville man after he allegedly arranged a meeting for oral sex with a detective posing as a 14-year-old girl online, police said. Which only goes to highlight why background checks are important. However, they […]

Reason #367 Not To Heckle Referees

Tweet They may start drinking. I know, I know – I shouldn’t joke around because if a drunk ref showed up at my kid’s match I’d be a bit upset. But still, I found it hilarious the kids (at least they look like older kids) continued to do thier post-match drills while the ref was […]

Geographic Schedules

Tweet As leagues gear up for the Fall season, discussions are underway across the country on which teams will be placed into which brackets and which teams will play each other. Now a new discussion is taking place – how much will it cost to play those matches. A while back we talked about the […]