Bear with us this morning – finally doing a long overdue upgrade, so a few things might break for a bit. Hope to have everything running smoothly, and hopefully faster in an hour or so.

UPDATE: Things seem to be working well. The site and forums are running on the latest version of software now. The blog still has a few quirks that I’ll have to iron out later today.

  • The Email links don’t work (but you can use the Share This link to email a post too)
  • Printing is also broken. That should be fixed later today. 
  • There are a lot of weird A characters that seem to be all over posts which will take some time to fix in the database. Hope to see those vanish in a day or two (requires sort of dangerous database queries).
  • The post ratings stuff is acting odd (due to a missing image I think) Will fix that soon
  • The sidebar is still messed up. Hope to restore it soon.
  • Site response will be a little slow – have the caching plugin disabled while I test/make changes. 
  • Related Entries are missing.
  • The Archives Page is blank – plugin isn’t compatible with the the latest version of WordPress. May never be, so I’ll probably revert to the standard WP archives view…

If you notice anything else broken or acting weird, let me know!

Look Ma! No Sidebar! Yay – I managed to wipe out all my widgets, so the sidebar will be gone for a bit till I a) fix the widget plugin I’ve been using and b) recreate them. Fun! Still working on a new version of the plugin, but the widgets are back!