NCYSA To Offer New ‘F’ Coaching License

The NCYSA is looking to fill a gap between the Youth I/II Modules aimed at U6/U8 and U10/U12 coaching and the ‘E’ License which is aimed at coaching older players in 11v11 matches. So they have developed a new one day (8 hour) course called the ‘F’ License:

The Coaching Education Department of NC Youth Soccer Association will be offering a NEW Coaching Education License, the ‘F’ License.

This course is designed specifically for the coach working with, U12 players and older, as an introduction to 11-a-side youth soccer. The curriculum focuses on the development of the player both individually and as part of the team. Working with larger practice numbers and systems of play will also be addressed within the course. Coaches are expected to participate in all activities; field/lecture/discussion. The course is an 8 hour course usually from 9 AM to 5 PM and the cost is: $45 for an NCYSA Members/$55 for a Non-members. This course serves as a preparatory course for the ‘E’ License course.

This is an interesting concept. The ‘E’ course definitely didn’t cover the ins and outs of handling a full size team, though I wonder if stuff like that will really take 8 hours. You’d think there would have to be some overlap with the ‘E’ course. if any of you take it, definitely post some comments!

Insert obligatory joke here about being ‘F’ certified :)

To sign up for this or any NCYSA coaching course, see their coaching education page.

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  1. I don’t understand, if they cover things in the F course that are not covered in the E course, do they just assume that you know it already if you take the E and not the F? Does the E build on concepts covered in the F course or not? Why not just add the material to the E?


  2. I guess they felt there was a gap between the Youth I/II Certificates and the ‘E’ Course. May have to take the ‘F’ just to find out :) Though I think I’ll try to get my ‘D’ first this summer

  3. Does anyone remember the old F course? It focused on the one thing that most coaches, even ex-players, did not know how to teach back then-The Techniques of Soccer. So US Soccer in its wisdom eliminated teaching coaches how to teach technique. What do all of our top coaches at all levels of the game complain about? Our players technical ability! Go figure! So……What do most coaches even ex-players not know how to teach today? The Techniques of Soccer! I say bring back the old F!