Over the past few years blogging about youth soccer, I’ve often wondered what other things we could do here at On The Pitch that youth soccer parents and coaches would find useful. As a youth soccer coach and administrator, I find myself answering may of the same questions every year. So I figured a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions list for youth soccer would be useful. However, instead of a static list of questions, I wanted something more interactive for the OTP community. I found a few FAQs online, but none that seemed to be comprehensive and peer reviewed. So I’ve setup an interactive Youth Soccer FAQ using the FAQ-Tastic WordPress plugin – which is, yes, a fantastic plugin.

The Youth Soccer FAQ is broken up into a number of sections to make it easier to find information. Clicking on a given section will list all the current questions in that section of the FAQ. If you can’t find the question you are looking for, each FAQ section has a question form where you can submit the question you were trying to find an answer for. If we feel the question would be useful, we’ll research an answer and publish it in the FAQ. If you are an experienced youth soccer parent or coach and have a question and answer you would like to see included, you can simply include both the question and answer in the question form. We’ll review it and publish it if we fell it should be included, and the answer checks out.

Each FAQ question and answer set is on it’s own page and includes a normal comment form so readers can ask for clarifications, suggests improvements to the answer, and highlight any errors. If there is a question you are interested in or that you submitted and had published, you can monitor the comments for it by subscribing to the comment RSS feed linked after the question and answer. Individual questions and answers can also be rated, giving the OTP community to opportunity to rate the FAQ answers. Over time the top rated questions and answers will rise to the top of their given section.

I hope you all find this useful. Be sure to share it with any new youth soccer parents and coaches you encounter. To link to it directly, use the URL http://onthepitch.org/faq/

Right now the FAQ is not very large – just about 30 questions, but I’ll be adding answers to it on a regular basis, so I hope it will grow quickly. The more people who submit questions, the faster it will grow. Don’t be surprised if I post up a few questions to get community input on the answer!

The Youth Soccer FAQ is just one of a number of new and exciting things we’ve been working on and hope to announce in the coming months!