Over at the ­NC-Soccer Forum, Wreave shares an old April Fool’s gag they pulled a few years ago, complete with a dummy website. Anyone who has been involved in youth soccer for a while will appreciate the humor in what he wrote. My favorite?

One minor but important change is that the Law 11 offense formerly known as “offside” will now be termed “offsides”. A recent survey showed that 97.3% of soccer players, coaches, and fans worldwide refer to the penalty as “offsides”, rather than “offside”. Instead of continuing to fight this trend, FIFA have decided to officially change the name of the offense to “offsides”. FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter welcomed the Board’s decision. “Not a day goes by without people saying ‘offsides’ instead of ‘offside’. It’s time we changed the laws to reflect common usage­.

Which, of course, sets the tone for the entire gag.