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Entries for April, 2008

Tales From The Pitch

Tweet As I’ve written about youth soccer over the years, I’ve always been surprised how few youth soccer parents there seem to be who are active online related to youth soccer. The coaches are and obviously some parents can be very vocal online. But overall, you get a sense of silence online from youth soccer […]

What Do You Want To Know?

Tweet One of the more interesting things I’ve seen some bloggers do is hold virtual question and answer sessions with their readers. Ives does it often and I still don’t know how he finds the time to answer them all, but they’re always a fun read. So I figured I’d try it out occasionally here […]

The Venn of Soccer

Anne Glamore of My Tiny Kingdom has narrowed down the benefits of youth soccer into a simple Venn Diagram

How To Spot Where Soccer Families Live

It’s easy to recognize the houses of youth soccer families. Look for tall grass and weeds.

Equitable Playing Time

Tweet This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about equitable playing time here, but we recently had a ras hof parent complaints in our Rec league, so we took some action and that spawned an interesting debate among our coaches. Our league mandates that all Recreational players should play a minimum of 50% of the […]

Three Years Later…

Tweet Figures I’m late with this post. My parents and players know all about ‘coach time’ because it seems I often can’t tell time. Oh well. Hard to believe it’s been three years of blogging about youth soccer. My five readers have hung in there through thick and thin (I kid – we’re up to […]

Tales From The Lunachick Fringe II

It’s so nice that the drought seems to be over or at least improving. We’ve had a lot of rain this season, compared to almost none last Fall. But it sure would be nice if it rained earlier in the week. Lately it seems like it is always raining Thursday, Friday, and Saturday – wreaking havoc on the match schedules of leagues across North Carolina. The weather also made for some funny moments at our recent match.

Might Be A Few Hiccups

Tweet Bear with us this morning – finally doing a long overdue upgrade, so a few things might break for a bit. Hope to have everything running smoothly, and hopefully faster in an hour or so. UPDATE: Things seem to be working well. The site and forums are running on the latest version of software […]

Announcing the Youth Soccer FAQ at OTP

Tweet Over the past few years blogging about youth soccer, I’ve often wondered what other things we could do here at On The Pitch that youth soccer parents and coaches would find useful. As a youth soccer coach and administrator, I find myself answering may of the same questions every year. So I figured a […]

Halftime LOTG Quiz

Tweet ­­­­You’ve all been at a match like this. The kids are playing, trying their best, and a parent or two are stalking up and down the touchline, shouting instructions to their children constantly. Sometimes their kids ignore them, other times they are distracted by it. Their coach seems indifferent to it. You want to […]

NCYSA To Offer New ‘F’ Coaching License

Tweet The NCYSA is looking to fill a gap between the Youth I/II Modules aimed at U6/U8 and U10/U12 coaching and the ‘E’ License which is aimed at coaching older players in 11v11 matches. So they have developed a new one day (8 hour) course called the ‘F’ License: The Coaching Education Department of NC […]

And On The 7th Day…

Tweet Dozens of people responsible for youth soccer schedules across North Carolina starting screaming in unison. Why you ask? Because we just had another weekend of soccer rained out – the third weekend this season… so far. Travel teams are looking at 1-2 weeks before the end of season tournaments/seedings begin and many still have […]

It’s The Little Things That Count

Tweet As soccer coaches, we often get fixated on the core skills (dribbling, passing, shooting), tactics, and other stuff. Sometimes we forget that it’s often the little things that can make a difference, even ones we think are obvious – but to the kids, they’re not. So here are some little things to keep in […]

Do You Feel Lucky? Huh? Do Ya?

Tweet Probably the most stressful thing about being a league administrator is making the decision to play or postpone. We’ve had a crazy amount of rain this season (compared to almost none last season) We’ve gone from drought to soaked in short order. Even more fun is when you know the rain is coming, in […]

Security At Youth Soccer Facilities

Tweet Over at The Administrator, they have an article up related to security at the 2010 World Cup which they preface with some thoughts on security at youth soccer complexes: Facility security is a crucial yet often overlooked concern for youth soccer organizations. For many clubs, facility security is limited to a volunteer (armed with […]