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Entries for March, 2008

These Parents Are Delusional

Tweet As anyone watching cable TV knows – ultimate fighting is all the rage on pay-per-view. So it was only a matter of time until some parents decided their ­kids needed to ‘train’ to participate in this ‘sport’: Ultimate fighting was once the sole domain of burly men who beat each other bloody in anything-goes […]

Black? Black??

Tweet When did the USMNT get an all black kit? Hey – anything is better than the Old Navy Pajamas – but all black? Well, if we can go to Poland and wear all black, we certainly can go somewhere else and wear RED like so many people want! I can understand not wearing red […]

Would You Sign Your 7 Year Old With A Pro Academy?

Tweet Most people think all soccer parents are crazy, living vicariously through their kids. As a league administrator, I’ve seen a few that do this, but overwhelmingly, soccer parents want their kids to have fun and get better at a sport they usually love to play. The idea of signing their child with a professional […]

Sounds Like A Conspiracy

Tweet I don’t write about the MLS much, given how this is a youth soccer blog, but I love a good conspiracy theory. I think Mike at My Soccer Blog is on to something. You have to admit it makes some sense and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was partially true. Perhaps it wasn’t […]

WePlay.com – Do Youth Teams Need A Social Network?

Tweet The NY Times has an article up about a new social networking website called weplay.com, designed for youth sports teams: WePlay.com, a social networking site for youth sports – something like Facebook for young athletes – is expected to start in mid-April. The site caters to youth athletes, parents and coaches – a vast […]

Checking In On The Fugees

Tweet Steve Amoia over at SoccerLens has two excellent articles up about The Fugees. After the publication of an excellent article in the NY Times early last year, The Fugees were all over the blogosphere and we posted a few things about them as well. But once the buzz subsides, it’s always good to see […]

SoccerXpert – An Excellent Coaching Resource

Tweet There are a lot of websites out there dedicated to youth soccer. Most are trying to sell you the next best thing in coaching, training, drill books, etc. Everyone needs to make a living, and I can assure you if I could make one writing about youth soccer, I would. But some sites are […]

Tell Your Parents (and Coaches) About The PIG

Tweet It wouldn’t be the weekend without another uproar over a (supposedly) missed offside call. So the head of the organization that oversees officiating for the English Premiere League, Keith Hackett, penned an article in support of offside and why the recent refinements requiring active play have made a positive impact on the beautiful game. […]

The Storm Dissipates

Tweet This is a post that’s LONG overdue, but I honestly couldn’t bring myself to write it when I should have in July 2007. So bear with my procrastination as I take a small trip down memory lane about a U10 Rec team I had the honor of coaching and that I will always remember. […]

Speaking of Perspective

Tweet Dad Gone Mad has a great post up about watching his son play baseball recently, and it should be required reading for all sports parents: I spent the rest of the gaming watching my son, and I felt myself getting emotional as I did so. It wasn’t because I was living vicariously through him […]

Next Soccer Star

Tweet Am I the only one who finds this whole Next Soccer Star concept a little bit odd­? It’s like a­n online reality show or some attempt to make a social network for wannabe soccer pros. And we all know how the last soccer themed social network did (been to ­joga.com lately?). I know everyone […]

Reality Check

Tweet Over at SoccerLens, Dan Leo has an excellent, albeit sobering, look at the state of US Soccer. It’s easy for suffering US Soccer fans to get euphoric over even the smallest successes, but it’s good to have a reality check once in a while. I think Dan probably sells the MLS a bit short […]

Is It Racism or Cultural?

Tweet Jon Lowder did a followup on my recent post about racism in soccer and took it in the direction of the shortage of minorities of any color playing in North Carolina leagues: I don’t think that overt racism is a contributing factor to the lack of diversity on the soccer fields. I think most […]

They Say Not To Dive In Soccer…

Tweet but what if your field looks like a swimming pool? ­ Yay for rain to ease our drought, but the fields are soaked. – Things don’t look much better for this weekend, but we can’t complain too much. More rain = less drought! Thankfully we only had rain and some wind, unlike Elon University […]

Shin Guard Rash

Tweet I recently had a player develop a heck of a case of shin guard rash and found a thread on the NC Soccer Forum that listed a number of possible remedies. Obviously if a rash persists you should see a doctor, but there were some very good suggestions from long time soccer parents and […]