I often joke with friends of mine that I’ll be able to write a book in a few years about the exploits of my U11 Girls team, The Lunachicks. Regular readers are already familiar with some of my tales. In lieu of a book, I might as well start a regular feature here at OTP called “Tales From The Lunachick Fringe“. Even though the Spring season has just gotten underway, I’ve already got a few stories to share – of course.

You hear a lot of things from your players as a youth soccer coach. But then they usually pertain to soccer. Well, during a recent tournament where the conditions were pretty intense (strong winds with lots of sand mixed in), the girls decided to seek shelter in a few team cars to eat lunch between matches. Being a nice coach, I let 6 or 7 pile into my pickup truck (long ago dubbed The Lunachick Mobile) to eat lunch and listen to music.

One of our parents quickly asked ‘Is your insurance paid up?’. I think they were joking. But as our afternoon match approached, they all piled out and the doors were all still on it with all the windows intact, so it was all good.

As the team huddled up on the sideline for some coaching insights before the girls took the field, one of the girls pipes up “Coach? Man your radio SUCKS! It only goes up to 38!!! What kind of radio only goes up to 38?” I’m still trying to decide if she was serious or just wanted to disrupt my usual pregame speech. If the latter, she succeded – what do you say to that? “Um yeah… GO TEAM!” just doesn’t quite cut it. 🙂 And for the record – yes my radio is odd, the volume counter maxes out at 38.

I have to say though, the girls have team spirit. One of our players recently got braces and was all excited at the next practice showing them off, as she had gotten blue and yellow mounts – the same color as our team uniforms. Now that’s cool!

Stay tuned for more Tales From the Lunachick Fringe!

ADDING: Lest I get in trouble with my team, I should also mention that all their hard work has has started to pay off as they already have as many wins this Spring in five matches than they won all last Fall and they have only allowed in three goals so far. Keep it up ladies!