Nike – The Secret Tournament

A few years ago, Nike put together a series of commercials about a ‘Secret 3v3 Tournament’ played by 24 professional soccer players from around the world. Chris over at The Offside feels it was one of the greatest sports marketing campaigns simply due to the ‘coolness factor’, and I’d have to agree. But I also think it’s a great video to share­ with younger players because it is crammed with slick moves and tricks. Not t­hat you should be trying to get your 5 year old to do a rainbow – but because seeing this reinfo­rces to the­ kids that so­ccer is cool.


They also created a ‘rematch’ ad:


I may have to startup a page on our league’s website with links to all the various ‘cool soccer videos’ the kids can watch online. Any suggestions?

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  1. I agree, ads which portray soccer as cool will get the kids all excited.

    A good time to educate them too that through practice, practice and practice, they will be the ones doing all these tricks one day.