Think ‘cleats’ and you probably think of a black boot with three white stripes. adidas made them famous (as did many players who wore them), but cleats have been getting flashier and more colorful. From gold, to iridescent, to just about any non primary color you can think of – cleats let players make a statement, or at least match their uniform.

But even I, a regular browser of Eurosport’s catalog and other soccer merchant websites, wasn’t quite prepared when one of my players showed up to a preseason practice in these:


[Hummel H*Spot Cleats]

How awesome are those?

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  1. I am trying to find these in youth sizes. My daughter had the same ones the last few seasons in black and white dots, but has outgrown.

    Has anyone seen these in youth?

    Searching in OK

  2. I’m pretty sure this cleat has been discontinued. Soccer cleats come out in new styles every year, so this likely was from 2006/7. The closest thing I could find from hummel is a boot with all gold spots. A few soccer stores still list the multi-color H*Spot in their stores but don’t have any stock. eBay has a black version with multi-color dots, but only in Adult sizes.

  3. OMG! i love these
    i have been looking for oddly colored cleats and these are the most unique i have seen.. what is the official website that i can order these from. or any other kinds of odd cleats?
    please reply to me asap!!!

  4. other than ebay are there any websites or stores that carry multicolored cleats or cleats in neon colors???

  5. Melissa,

    It varies by company and year. All have come out with some wild colored cleats, but they come and go with each year. The H*Spots I mention above ended production a year or two ago. Kelme had some wild cleats as did Brine IIRC. Eurosport’s catalog is always a great way to check out the latest cleats out there, but they don’t necessarily carry every style.

  6. okay thank you,
    if you find any cleats like these or anything funky
    please post it for me~

  7. I am also looking for the black hummels with colored dots. Please let me know if you find them!

  8. I got some Hummels a while back that are white with larger and more spread out pink dots on them. They started falling apart the other day and I can’t find them anywhere.

  9. those are totally legit and i want a pair.
    I would totally buy a pair. I am so happy someone finally had the guts to make this work of art

  10. I have a pair of hummels and I LOVE them! I got them acouple years back in green but now I can’t find any cleats by hummel anywhere ! Do you know of any websites that has them?
    Hummel Squadra FG Soccer Shoes Cleats are the ones i want but in tangerine color?

  11. I am looking for PINK soccer cleats or any fun/odd cleats for that matter. I can not find anything! Has anyone seen any type of cleat like this perhaps in a womens size 8 pleeeeease let me know!!

  12. I’m looking for the cleats ate the top of the page and I have looked everywhere! Do you know where I can get those. I’m getting bored of my blue cleats and my orange cleats! I need the ones on the top. I’m a size 6 or 7!! Please help!!!!

  13. These could be the ugliest things i have ever seen. even my 4 year old sister wont wear them. I literally vommited when I saw these


  15. These shoes remind me of my last passover when my mother spilled the cafeltafish in the hummus. But I would wear these to shull from time to time. Bottom line… not for a Friday night service…. Hi Aunt Judy!!!

  16. Uh…. Jessica you kind of have no idea what your talking about… its bad art thrown on a shoe sold for 500 times more then what this piece of crap should be worth

  17. You guys are assholes. These shoes are really comfortable and I love to play in them.

  18. your right i lost my sense i did see these somewhere and the people who had it loved it…. i think it was a homeless person art convention… not sure though

  19. I have pair of these shoes but they are black, size 10.
    They were a donation for our church’s thrift sale, can anyone tell what to price them at, they are going on Ebay.