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Entries for December, 2007

Concussions In Youth Sports

Tweet Last year a new concussion testing system was released called Impact. A number of media outlets ran news stories that were quasi advertisements for the new system, but they still highlighted the dangers kids can face from concussions in youth sports: Doctors have concluded that concussions are especially dangerous for children and teenagers and, […]

The Making of an adidas Europass Soccer Ball

Tweet Over at 18 Yards, they found a YouTube video of the various­ steps in constructing an adidas Europass soccer ball, the successor to the Teamgeist, which we’ve written about a few times before. The Europass uses much of the new ball technology found in the Teamgeist and adds a dimpled surface (think golf ball) […]

Happy Holidays from On The Pitch!

Tweet ­I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! I hope you and yours are enjoying time with friends and family during this holiday season. Thanks to all who take the time to visit On The Pitch and read whatever I happen to come up with! Here’s hoping that 2008 is even better than […]

Unsafe Chemicals in Popular Plastic Water Bottles?

A popular style of water bottle, used by many children in youth sports, is known to contain a chemical compound, bisphenol-A, that researchers know can cause problems with the human hormonal system. While industry trade groups believe the compound is safe, other research shows that trace amounts may be leaking out into stored contents. Some retailers are pulling the products from their shelves and scientists believe the risk warrants more research.

In Support of the 60/40 Rule

Tweet I­’m not sure how widespread this is across USYSA affiliates, but in North Carolina, the NCYSA stipulates that new clubs applying for membership must have and maintain a 60/40 ratio between recreational players and travel/select players. While this strikes some as a barrier to entry (and it is), I believe it is there for […]

US Soccer and the SoccerSphere

Josh at Throughball takes US Soccer to task over their disregard for the many soccer blogs out there covering US Soccer on a daily basis. Clearly US Soccer can do more to leverage the SoccerSphere and expand the reach of US Soccer online.

American Soccer History Archives

Tweet Though most of you probably already know about it, if you’re interested in the deeply rooted soccer history the US has, look no further than the American Soccer History Archive. I happened to stumble across it doing some research for another article and was just blown away by the depth and detail, especially in […]

No Post Match Handshake?

Tweet ­ Joyce Bassett of ­Youth Sports recently wrote about a spat of unsporting conduct during post match handshakes between opponents and wondered if that tradition had run its course: I remember several years ago my daughter was complaining about doing post-game handshakes because she once saw a girl spit on her hands. I also […]

Another Youth Coach Joins The SoccerSphere

Tweet When I started On The Pitch, there were almost no blogs dedicated to primarily to Youth Soccer. A few blog like sites that were offshoots of soccer magazines, etc. But nothing on the independent side. So it’s always cool when I stumble across a youth soccer coach or administrator that’s started blogging about youth […]

Youth Soccer Players Go On Strike In Italy

Tweet ­­ Via The Offside, we find some Italian youth soccer player­s who came up with a new way to get their parents attention about inappropriate touchline behavior: It’s not just in the US that parents scream and yell, attack coaches and officials, and generally just embarrass the hell out of their kids (in addition […]

Mystic Ball Is Out On DVD

Mystic Ball, a documentary about Chinlone, is now available on DVD. Chinlone is a mix of sport and dance played primarily in Burma where players attempt to keep a small rattan ball airbone using acrobatic moves.

Run Away! It’s MRSA!

MRSA caused quite a bit of hysteria in the media this past October. While it is a serious disease, it also is quite rare and clearly many school districts and other organizations over reacted. There is a lot of good information available to help groups prevent the spread of this and other communicable diseases.