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  1. Jeezus! Scary. I remember being afraid that nosymom from our baseball team would somehow retaliate after quitting our team…I was looking over my shoulder for a LONG time. I guess burning our team jacket and uniform (that she paid a hundred bucks for) was enough. At a recent football game in our area, a mom came over and started poking people with her umbrella as they did the tunnel, because her son’s team lost, which started an all-out brawl with several people being arrested. Pathetic…what a great example for their kids!

  2. Thankfully the psycho parents are an exception. We all have seen them and sometimes people will actually say something, but overall, I’ve found most parents are very supportive and encouraging. But read the media and you’d think we’re all out of control nut jobs.

    Only on odd Saturdays…