Offside confuses soccer parents – there is no denying it. I chuckle because I see some soccer parents who played AND have coached, yelling at referees for offside when it clearly wasn’t. So how would you explain offside to soccer parents? Josh at Throughball found a soccer parent asking that very question though he’s not admitting how! :) Anne from My Tiny Kingdom asked for her readers help:

None of the Glamores knows a thing about soccer, except that I am aware of the hotness of the aforementioned David Beckham, which I have witnessed first-hand, and his alleged talent, which I have not.

At the game yesterday the referee kept calling “off-sides” and I thought that meant that the ball rolled out of bounds and had to be thrown in by the other team. Sadly, I soon learned that this innocuous term has a complicated meaning having to do with where people are when someone kicks at the goal. I think.

At dinner last night we ascertained that no member of our family, including Finn, understands the “off-sides” rule.

I always seem to go into WAY too much detail hoping some of it will sink in, even if all of it doesn’t. The comments that Anne got were generally helpful, and a few pretty funny, but I still didn’t see a good summary of understanding offside for soccer parents. So share em if you got em!