Our league has 32 soccer goals at our complex. Half are little 6’x4′ goals for the U5/U6 teams. The rest vary from 12′ wide to 24′ wide for the older kids. When they were originally put together, lets just say attention to detail was not a factor. The nets were cable tied to the posts and the nets just draped over the back of the nets. If your ball went into the back of the net, you often had to ‘swim’ into the hanging net to retrieve it, or worse, go behind the goal and kick at it (and the net) to get it out. Plus many are approaching 5 years old and the nets are coming apart on many.

So this year, we decided to fix the goals and try to get them in tip top shape before the season starts. We ordered all new nets, built some neat goal anchor assemblies, and are trying out a new method of attaching the nets to the 4″ front posts. Then we scheduled an afternoon where volunteers could come out and we’d fix all the goals – Fix The Goal Day.

That was over a week ago. We gathered folks together again yesterday for another afternoon of baking in the sun fixing goals. And we’re still not done.

Fixing goals ‘right’ is a tedious ordeal that has taken a LOT longer than we ever imagined. I swear if I see a player kicking/climbing the nets or a coach flipping one over to move it instead of carrying it, I’m going to lose it.

The good news is the goals we’ve fixed look great – no more getting caught up in the nets trying to get your ball – instead they bounce right back out. We’ve discovered the nets of a given size – well that’s an approximation. Some have lots of loose netting at the bottom you have to gather and tie around the bar. Others are very tight fitting to where you worry about breaking the nets as you attach them.

Definitely a pain – but worth it. They look really good. I’ll have some pictures and details on the anchors and straps soon. Right now I’m headed back out to the complex for ‘Day 3’ of Fix The Goals Day. Here’s hoping there is no Day 4 – but I’m not holding my breath.