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Yet You Need A License To Have A Dog

Tweet Are you KIDDING me? I never cease to be amazed at what some parents will do to get their kids to be ‘better’: A soccer mom, upset at her teenage daughter’s performance at a game Saturday, stopped along Interstate 80 and left her there. Officer Katherine Finnell said the 42-year-old Lincoln woman was ticketed […]

How Would You Explain Offside To A Soccer Mom?

Tweet Offside confuses soccer parents – there is no denying it. I chuckle because I see some soccer parents who played AND have coached, yelling at referees for offside when it clearly wasn’t. So how would you explain offside to soccer parents? Josh at Throughball found a soccer parent asking that very question though he’s […]

It’s Hard To Be A Yank

Tweet I’ll admit I spend more time coaching and watching youth soccer live in person than watching professional/international soccer on FSC, so these commercials are likely old news to many of you. But they made me laugh out loud so I figured I’d share them for those of you who haven’t seen them yet. Hilarious […]

The Ref’s Cell Phone

Tweet I would never advocate heckling a referee, but this is funny: NFHS game a couple of years ago. Game going well, decent crowd, nothing really unusual. Crowd is relatively loud, but it’s just all background noise. Until, all of a sudden, a hush falls over the stadium and you hear this one loud voice […]

Youth Soccer Coaches ARE Employees

Tweet I wrote a while back about a soccer league that had been severely penalized by the IRS for improperly classifying youth soccer coaches as independent contractors instead of as employees: For the past two years, the association has been grappling with an I.R.S. audit that found the association failed to withhold taxes for a […]

No U10 Offside Vaporizes Within Hours

Tweet As you all know, NC finally eliminated offside for U10 play at the Challenge (travel) level. One of the unanswered questions after this decision was made was what the tournaments would do as they weren’t affected by the decision. One of the bigger regional preseason tournaments in Winston-Salem, that used to be Classic only, […]

Sit Ubu Sit!

Tweet Best parent/player moment of the tournament I was at this weekend? I’m watching a hard fought U11 Girls Challenge match. Scoping out the competition for my own U11 team since most of the teams at the tournament are in our league. The game was VERY close and the parents were getting louder and louder. […]

Out Of The Mouths of Babes – Pt II

Tweet So we’re out at a tournament this weekend – #2’s first real matches with her Challenge team. The girls are wearing their new uniforms and having a ball. #3 (he’s 4 yrs old) is being spoiled rotten by one of the soccer mom’s on the sideline when he asks “Did everyone on the team […]

Good Luck Princess…

Tweet I guess it hasn’t really sunk in yet, even though I was there at tryouts, was there when she found out she made the team, and have taken her to practice these last few weeks. But only now, the night before her first match, is it really sinking in that my only daughter, Soccer […]

Soccer Parents – Why They Do What They Do

Tweet Old Soccer Guy has some thoughts up on why some soccer parents act the way they do. I think he’s definitely hit on a few of the more common ones, though I think there are dozens, if not hundreds, of other reasons out there too: there is an abundance of moms who had some […]

Where Can I Find Chartreuse Under Armour?

Tweet The USSF has released their annual advice to referees related to rule changes enacted buy the International Football Association Board (IFAB) in March. One change in particular will have a major affect on youth soccer parents, especially those who play on travel teams where rules like these are usually stringently enforced: Law 4 – […]

Bye Bye U10 Offside

Tweet North Carolina finally gave in to peer pressure and joined the rest of the country in prohibiting the enforcement of offside in U10 travel soccer (Challenge). I know this is old news for those of you in NC, but I felt it was still worth sharing for everyone else. Longtime readers know that I’ve […]

Beckham Bends It

Tweet I admit that I missed the Superliga semifinal between the L.A. Galaxy and D.C. United last night. I hate that – got busy with other stuff. I’ve also stayed out of the Beckham fray for the most part. I think it’s great he’s playing in the MLS and if you set aside all the […]

A Motto To Live By

Tweet I happened to be browsing through some new soccer blogs over at SoccerBlogs.net, and came across the ultimate motto for youth soccer. Touchline Dad has a son who plays for Crosby Stuart FC. Their motto? To Enjoy, Not Destroy Can’t put it any clearer than that! A number of people who stand along the […]

Overreaction Or Sensible Safety?

Tweet Regardless of your political views or thoughts on global warming, there’s no denying it’s been hot. Very hot. Here in central North Carolina, the temperature has been below 90 degrees only one day this month (88°F on August 11th). Temperatures exceeded 95°F on 8 out of the past 14 days with temperatures above 100°F […]