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Fate Can Have A Sense of Humor

Tweet So Iraq wins the AFC Asian Cup, with a 1-0 win over Saudi Arabia and advances to the Confederations Cup, to be held in June 2009 in South Africa. The US will be there as well, having won the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Want to start a betting pool on the US and Iraq facing […]

Summing Up Youth Soccer

Tweet Over at the NC Soccer Forums, there’s a fun discussion going on: From playnow: With the recent boom of programs across the country (state youth academy, USSF academy, Red Bull, national premier league, super y league, region III premier league, etc.), I’d be interested to see what people had to say about youth soccer […]

The Soccersphere Tagged

Tweet For many of you this will be a ‘Well, duh!’ post, but I’m behind. I admit it. So I’m sure this was news a few months ago… SoccerBlogs has always been a great resource for readers of soccer blogs. However, as the number of blogs and posts grew, it was hard to keep up […]

Diet Gatorade??? Isn’t That Water?

Tweet Faced with increasing pressure from other beverage makers and the popularity of diet soft drinks, PepsiCo announced that Gatorade would introduce a low-calorie version later this year: PepsiCo’s chairman and chief executive, Indra K. Nooyi, said consumers had consistently requested a lower-calorie version of Gatorade. While the drink is formulated for athletes while they […]

Commentator 101 – ESPN Are You Listening?

Tweet John over at Keeper Skool found the highlights from the recent South Korea-Iraq shootout (kicks from the mark for you purists). You really need to watch this, not for the shootout itself, but for the announcer’s enthusiasm. Watch the whole way through and once Noor Sabri makes the first save for Iraq, he really […]

A Little Perspective

Tweet It’s always entertaining to read the reactions across the Soccersphere and the mainstream media when the US national teams play. In a country saturated in sporting events, you have the soccer fanatics in the soccersphere, as passionate as ever, while the majority of the country barely notices. We complain about it, but that’s the […]

Uniform Choice

Tweet I’ve had a couple people ask which kit our travel teams finally went with for the 2007-08 season. We initially were looking at a striped kit to really stand out. However, a couple people were worried that if we went with, say, Black/Royal and White/Royal (the Yellow/Black didn’t appeal to most as an away […]

Fitness Training For Kids

Tweet The landscape of youth athletics is changing. Regardless of WHY parents want their kids to succeed (long shot college scholarship, living vicariously, or just wanting them to do their best), parents are always looking for ways to help their kids become better athletes. I know you hear horror stories all the time about psycho […]

SPAM Isn’t Killing Email – SPAM Filters Are

Tweet About a year ago I wrote about the troubles that non-profit organizations were facing communicating with their members. SPAM and virus email is a serious problem, but most ISP responses to it have made things harder for people to get legitimate email through. Solutions like Goodmail are great for companies that can afford to […]

Alive and Kicking – Soccer Moms Take The Pitch

Tweet I think it was the tag line of Alive and Kicking that caught my eye. "When Soccer Moms Take The Field And Change Their Lives Forever" I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I was browsing around Amazon for some soccer books and figured for a couple bucks used, it was worth a try […]

More Reviews Coming

Tweet One thing I haven’t done enough of is post reviews of various soccer products and books I’ve used/read. Initially it was because I just didn’t encounter all that much stuff coaching 4 year olds beyond a ball, whistle, cones, and a ball bag But now I’m coming across more things I find I’d like […]

Why Coaches REALLY Want The Hardware

Tweet In the endless debates about competition in youth sports, you’ll often hear that the kids don’t care about trophies, only the parents and coaches do. While there may be some truth to that with people who lose sight of why we all do what we do in youth soccer, most coaches I’ve met care […]

Flipping Off CONMEBOL

Tweet I know, I know. Late to the party. But it has to be said. Why in the world did Bob Bradley think taking a team of players with so little experience to the Copa America was a good idea? 16 out of 22 players had less than 10 caps. Of the 166 total caps […]

Mother Nature Is Such A Tease

Ever since tryouts, the girls on my U11G Challenge team have been looking forward to the start of practice. Too bad Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.

Welcoming The Beckham’s

Tweet I know many in the soccer world rolled their eyes when they heard that David Beckham was coming to America. We all knew the media circus that would surround he and his wife Victoria. That simply couldn’t be good for the beautiful game in America. I was sitting in a bar recently (watching the […]