Getting Ready For Tryouts

Over at Soccer Parents, they have an excellent post up about getting ready for tryouts – a rite of passage in Spring for many soccer players. Only problem is it got posted May 31st, and at least here in North Carolina, most clubs have already finished tryouts. But it’s an excellent post all the same. #4 should have been #1!

4. Have Fun! – Soccer is about fun. Have your child go in with a good attitude and just play their best. Remind your child that the coach isn’t judging them as a person – just on their soccer skills. Don’t take it personally if your child doesn’t make the team.

As someone who serves as an evaluator during our league’s tryouts – I see firsthand the kids who make it and those that don’t. Many who don’t are still very good players – there just wasn’t a slot for them for whatever reason. So don’t take it personally – encourage them to keep working to get better and try again next year!

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  1. I hate tryouts – it’s worse for me than my son. Just ask anyone where I work. I am generally a nervous wreck wondering (hoping) he’ll do OK. Anyway, it’s done and he’s on the team he was hoping to make (or maybe the team I was hoping he could make…). I’ll be OK for at least one more year – LOL. Thanks for your post. Bill

  2. Tryouts really freak parents out. I keep trying to find a doctor that’ll let me get some Valium for Soccer Mom during ours! :)

    Unlike many clubs, we exile the parents to the farthest parking lot we can. They just bring binoculars.

    Congrats on your son making the team! Eldest made his – but the real surprise was my daughter making hers – a year early. Soccer Dad was so proud!