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Entries for June, 2007

Little Feet Changes Focus

Tweet A year ago we wrote about a foundation called Little Feet, Big Goals that was sending soccer balls to our soldiers to give to the kids in Iraq. Having sent thousands of soccer balls to Iraq, they’ve decided to change their focus and send soccer balls to the kids in Darfur. You simply buy […]

Out Of The Mouths of Babes…

Tweet As longtime readers know, Soccer Dad and Soccer Mom have our own little small sided team at home with four rather rambunctious children, aged 2 through 10. Well #3 just clued us in to how much we have in store for us. He’s 4 years old right now. Today I’m working at my desk […]

Creating A Vision In Your Players

Tweet While reading about the questions of sportsmanship in last year’s U15G National Championship, I came across a post that I had to share: there is a reason why millions more Brazilian boys have passion for the soccer ball than American kids, and it ain’t because our boys intrinsically lack heart. It’s because they are […]

Is It Ever OK To Throw A Match?

Tweet I was bouncing around YouTube and I came upon this video from last year’s US Youth Soccer Nation Championship, U15 Girls bracket. I’ll admit it’s a bit late to post about something like this, but it was so bizarre, I couldn’t resist. The team in black has already clinched a spot in the final […]

U10: Teach The Kids Right – Keep Offside

Tweet The second proposal coming up at the next NCYSA Challenge Council meeting is to eliminate offside for U10 match play. This will be the second time this issue is considered, after it was rejected 27-24 last year. This is an issue I have written about before and feel very strongly about. I strongly encourage […]

Let ‘Em Play – And Compete!

Tweet For those of you involved in travel soccer in North Carolina, there are two very important proposals coming up for a vote at the next NCYSA Challenge Council meeting (June 9th, 2007). One of them proposes the elimination of the NCYSA Challenge Cup for U10, U11, and U12 and replacing it with a festival, […]

Getting Ready For Tryouts

Tweet Over at Soccer Parents, they have an excellent post up about getting ready for tryouts – a rite of passage in Spring for many soccer players. Only problem is it got posted May 31st, and at least here in North Carolina, most clubs have already finished tryouts. But it’s an excellent post all the […]

Proof That Soccer Dad Is Certifiable…

Tweet I’ll never forget the feeling I had before my first practice coaching a U6 soccer team. I was scared to death and these were just 5 year olds. What would I do, how would I handle them as young as they were, what drills, activities, and games should I do? The first match I […]

Hayden’s Mom Speaks Out

Tweet The Oxford Soccer Club recently posted a note from Mary Ellias, the mother of the young boy recently killed by a falling soccer goal. Apparently the goal became unstable after a previous play – but nobody saw it happen (play was at the other end of the field when it happened) so it’s doubtful […]

Psycho Parents

Tweet Remember folks, youth sports don’t create psycho parents – psycho parents ruin youth sports which otherwise provide an excellent experience for our kids! And league officials who sweep bad behavior under the rug only make it worse.

What’s Up With Boring Kits?

Tweet Something I’ve noticed in our local travel league is that the kits tend to be very boring. Not cheap by any means (most are solid color adidas kits), but plain, often just a solid color and the league logo. I know professional teams tend to use plain kits as well, but these are kids. […]

Cheering Good, Coaching Bad

Tweet I ran across a new soccer/youth sports blog by a soccer mom who also works for the Albany Times Union (which I read often in college as I went to Rensselaer) Joyce Bassett writes very detailed posts about local youth sporting events as well as more general pieces about issues in youth sports. One […]

Just Do It

Tweet Baseball Mom recently talked about the coaches who agree to coach the youngest players and how she can’t imagine why they would subject themselves to it: You guys, one of the hits that came up on a search for my site was "how to coach tball for preschoolers". Why would someone want to volunteer […]

No Need To Rush An Offside Call

Tweet For years, US Soccer has issued position papers related to the Laws of the Game and things referees should be doing or looking for and highlighting ‘tough call’ scenarios. With the advent of online video, they have started to include YouTube videos as part of the papers which show the situations being discussed. Very […]