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Cuban Comedy Gold

Tweet Over at Throughball, Josh wonders why Mark Cuban isn’t buying an MLS club when he has the billions to waste on a football team in a new league that hopes to compete with the NFL. Good luck with that! Anyway, after commenting on how fun it would be watching Mark Cuban react to the […]

Off Field Activities

Tweet Youth soccer is inherently a social sport for the parents. Standing on the sidelines for matches and practices seems to be an ideal situation for socializing. So it isn’t uncommon to have soccer teams doing activities off the field together. Now granted, you want to broaden your child’s social horizons, so limiting their socializing […]

No Wii That Happens

Tweet Over at The DCenters, D has a post up about how the success of the Wii gaming console and it’s ‘WiiMote’ could hurt the popularity of soccer in the US: Video games are important to the context of modern soccer, and to sports in America. Many a US based fan played the FIFA or […]

Heading To Wrangler/McDonalds This Weekend

Tweet I’ll be heading out to the Wrangler/McDonald’s tournament this weekend along with my U10 Recreational team. They had so much fun at the Rec State Cup last fall, we wanted to give them another opportunity to face some new opponents. The State Cup champs will be there too, so we could have a very […]

Flip It! Flip It Good!

Tweet I’ll admit that I’ve only seen a flip-throw done once or twice and even then it was on TV. So I had some fun watching YouTube videos suggested by the folks over at the NC Soccer Forum. This video shows one heck of a long throw with what appears to be little effort. Here’s […]

A Shout Out to the MYSA Strikers

Tweet While it is always tough when a season ends, this season was different for our travel teams. Our league joined the NCYSA last year and formed our first travel teams in the Fall. My son was invited to play with one of our U10 Boys Challenge teams – one of 7 teams that were […]

Goal After Goal After Goal

Tweet There are thousands of soccer goal compilation videos out there, but most only highlight a dozen or so each. Why stop there when you could make a compilation of sweet goals into a short movie length feature? Here you have it. Over one hour of some of the best goals in history (at least […]

The Impact of Bob Bradley

Tweet I haven’t written anything about Bab Bradley being named the ‘real deal’ coach of the USMNT yet because there wasn’t a whole lot to say. I’m not sure having him dangle for a few friendlies was accomplishing much. He was a good coach before he got hired and I don’t think anyone would say […]

Youth Coach Charged With Sex Offenses

Tweet This seems to be a week of bad news for youth soccer. A girls soccer coach in suburban Illinois has been charged with 14 felonies, including sexual assault, sexual abuse, and obstruction of justice. Authorities said 36-year-old Gustavo Nicosia was arrested at his workplace and was transported to the Naperville Detention Center, according to […]

Gotta Love A Good Sense of Humor

Tweet I found this over at the NC Soccer Forums, apparently an email from the NCYSA to the coaches who have teams going to the State Cup Final Four in Greensboro. I agree with the poster – I’ll have some of what they’re smoking: Important Notes Regarding the Final Four. Please review with your players, […]

NCYSA Academy Program Passes

Tweet I’m about a month late posting about this, mostly because it was passed right as our season was winding down and the end of season tournaments and such were ramping up. I’m still playing catchup. I forgot my folio, so my notes were sparse and the official minutes aren’t out yet. There were somewhere […]

Drinking At Soccer Tournaments?!?!?

Tweet I stumbled across this post over at the NC Soccer Forums and it took me by surprise. During the lightning/rain delay, a couple of young adult spectators had a ‘tailgate’ party in which beer was consumed in what appeared to be pretty large quantities. First, in a county park, where there is a no […]

Dive, Dive, Dive!

Tweet The next time a baseball fan ribs you about soccer and diving, show them this. I can’t believe he and his coach threw such a fit when the ump didn’t buy it. Kudos to the ump for throwing the whiner out of the game, even if it most likely was due to obscenities shouted […]

You Know Your Hotel Is Packed With Soccer Players

Tweet When they have this outside the breakfast bar area: Blogging live from Jacksonville. Here’s hoping our Sunday match goes a weeeee bit better than our Saturday matches They were educational!

Why Players Play

Tweet I’ve had this in my draft queue forever – I’m so slack. LDSM posted this months ago and I’ve been meaning to share it because it’s a great take on soccer from a player’s viewpoint. Not sure if the girls at New Generation Soccer wrote this or not (can’t find it in Google beyond […]