hoopsandyoyo.gifAs anyone with kids in U5 or U6 soccer knows – the kids are out there to learn some basic soccer skills, but also to just have some fun and develop a love of the game. My son started playing U5 this Spring and after his first match, his coach sent out eCards to them. She picked a fun pair of characters called Hoops & YoYo, who were created by Hallmark and have become very popular. Sure, eCards are just a way for greeting card companies to sell stuff, but my 4 year old doesn’t know that. When he saw the eCard playing on the screen and listened to the little dialog (click the flower), he just grinned and laughed. He loved it. You can see the specific eCard here.

So if you’re coaching a group of really young kids and most of the parents have Internet access, something like this can add a little ‘fun factor’ to their soccer experience. Very neat idea. Thanks Coach!